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Genesys International Corporation Ltd, an advanced mapping, survey and geospatial services company, promotes a vibrant work culture encouraging its employees to innovate and exceed customer expectations.


Genesys is committed to the personal and professional growth of our employees. We provide on the job training that enhance your skills and prepare you for new opportunities in the future.


Genesys is an Equal Opportunity employer and complies with all applicable laws.


If your core values include a commitment to personal and professional growth, and if you are unwilling to settle for second best, join our team today!


Why Genesys

At Genesys, our philosophy of achieving collaborative success through maximising individual potential is closely linked to your future. We try to inspire and provide creative freedom so our people can give of their best. Now, with a focus on constant evolution, learning and innovation, we’re hoping to partner you in our quest to change India’s infrastructure and provide more ‘power to the people’.


What We Offer

Since every individual is different, we at Genesys strive to create opportunities that recognise this difference. While you’re assured of working in the best possible job environments and occupying some of the most sought-after posts in the industry, we don’t offer vanilla one-size-fits-all jobs then look for applicants to fill up these jobs. Instead, we constantly innovate and adapt our job definitions to accommodate the growing requirements of the day.

Who We Employee

It may be reassuring to know that you’ll be working alongside a crack workforce comprising some of the leading professionals in GIS and mapping. While our selection process is stringent and based on the prerequisites of a very experienced technical staff and management, you can be sure of a highly motivated team backing you at every step. At Genesys, we give preference to people who don’t just have skill, but also the enthusiasm to grow.



To apply for a profile, e-mail your resumé to: with prefered location and job title in the subject line