Natural Resources

Geneys offers integrated GIS solution weaving multitude of data for sustainable resource management.


Sustainable growth and food security can be achieved by efficient management of Natural Resources. Various economic sectors like Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries and Tourism are dependent on healthy ecosystems. This calls for influence of technology and better management practices which promote qualitative development of these sectors.


Pioneering the field of enterprise GIS, Genesys caters to the ever-increasing demands of this sector. Genesys has developed and deployed its geospatial service expertise in the Mining, Forestry and Argiculture domains.


In Mining, Genesys enables companies to conduct intelligent, competitive, environmentally safe & efficient mineral explorations...


Today the sophisticated technologies have revolutionised the agriculture sector. Crops being location based makes GIS extremely relevant.


Forests are important renewable natural resources and play a significant role in preserving an environment suitable for human life.