Oil & Gas

From oil exploration to pipeline construction, Genesys offers a diverse range of applications for Oil & Gas industry.


80% of the related data has a spatial component. Extensive and intricate value chains of Oil & Gas industry form a key problem statement for delivering cost-effective, universally available, quality products on a global scale. The Oil & Gas sector can greatly benefit from the Geospatial technology to improve their business.


Genesys is pioneering the technological and digital transformation in Oil & Gas sector with the help of advance GIS. The location analytics and intelligent mapping technology offered by Genesys can be applied to many sector of this industry.


The one-stop-place for enterprise GIS, Genesys aids Oil & Gas companies in –

  • Terrain / Sub-terrain Analysis for route pipeline
  • 3D Modelling of Pipelines & Refineries Network
  • Land Management System
  • Customized GUI & easy-to-integrate Application Development