Unique ability of Genesys to integrate location information into Telecom project lifecycle is elevating the business to higher levels.


Boosted by increasing urbanisation and introduction of Internet of Things (IoT), Telecommunications or Telecom Industry is booming rapidly and steering the industry to even greater size and scale. GIS technology provides functionalities to integrate network asset information with management processes enabling telecommunication professionals to resolve and streamline everyday business tasks related to planning and operations.


The one-stop-place for enterprise GIS, Genesys is creatively targeting this sector by providing solutions in three major segments –Data Acquisition, Integrated Analytics and Service Optimization.


Genesys offered services and solutions enable Telecom companies to –

  • Create seamless walkthrough of route corridor using LiDAR-based mapping with precision measurement
  • Optimize Network Design, Forecast Demand & Revenue, Capacity Analysis & Campaign Management at one-stop-place


Genesys has developed the concept of ‘TeleSCAPE’ – a cutting-edge LiDAR-based terrestrial mapping facilitating informed decision-making processes across the telecom network project cycle.