Water Supply & Sanitation

Genesys’s experience and breadth of technology capabilities can deliver customised solutions enabling efficient operations at lower costs.


In most of the cities, Water Supply and Sanitation Systems are facing tremendous pressure due to ever increasing population. These utilities lack consumer orientation and professional management. Operation costs are often more than the revenue collected. Devising optimal strategies for development of the deteriorating infrastructure is a pre-requisite for sustenance.


An expert in enterprise GIS, Genesys is tackling this problem with advent of innovative state-of-the-art technological solutions. Genesys automates and analyses the waste water network on a geospatial framework thereby enabling in-depth control and efficient management.


Customised services by Genesys offer waste water companies –

  • High-tech Data Acquisition & Investigations
  • Asset Health & Operations Management
  • Geological & Hydrological Modelling & Analysis
  • Consumer Index & Forecasting